I believe having a coach that was interested in HOW I was doing versus WHAT I was doing helped me focus on my goal. Jennifer’s coaching helped me get my half marathon PR, and it was her little motivational pushes that helped me through the toughest parts.
— David N.

Jennifer is not only a wealth of knowledge about running and various strategies (improving speed, working through an injury, modifying schedules), she is very encouraging and really helped me stay accountable to my workouts. She was always interested in how the workouts were going and had plenty of suggestions if I was struggling.
— Stephanie C.
Jen is an outstanding coach and cheerleader. If I ever have any questions, I would always always email her straight away. She always comes back with either words of encouragement, or thousands of tips — what to eat, recovery techniques, etc. She emails or calls throughout training to make sure everything is going well and that I’m staying healthy. And even though I didn’t see her but maybe once or twice throughout my entire training season, I felt as though she were right there beside me helping me through everything! 
— Rachel M.

I started to work with Coach Fox in the summer of 2014. I am a veteran marathoner (10+ years) and she introduced me to tempo runs which, surprisingly, I had never done. She took me out a number of times and ran them with me. She kept the time for me and of course paced me on every tempo. That summer was my breakthrough marathon. I PR’d big and attribute it to Coach Fox’s coaching. 

In 2015, we decided that she would take over my entire training. She pushed me further than I ever thought I could go. Of course, it wasn’t easy, but I stuck with it because of Coach Fox. She personalized my training and took the time to create my workouts from week to week, and one of the best parts was that we interacted daily through a live spreadsheet. I’d write down my workout results as she gave me feedback. It was awesome. I felt a sense of accountability to her to push myself when I didn’t want to. She not only made me a better runner, but also a more educated one.

Coach Fox is obviously very knowledgable about all aspects of running: the physical AND mental aspects, nutrition and everything in between … but her best asset is her personality. She can be the tough drill sargent for sure, but she’s one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet. She has a great outlook on life and is just personable. That’s what you want in a coach.
— Shawn N.

It is hard to know where to start when it comes to Jen because there are so many characteristics about her and her approach to training that make working with her amazing. I have trained for several races ranging from 8K’s to the marathon distance throughout the five years I have been running. Prior to training with Jen, I was chronically injured or nursing some pain that I was afraid would turn into an injury. After years of dealing with this, I convinced myself that maybe I was not built to run marathons or run more than three days per week. I sat down with Jen prior to the start of the 2018 Sportsbackers Marathon Training Team and laid out to Jen my goals and my history with racing, training, and chronic injury. My first meeting with Jen was so engaging that when I left I felt so energized about my goals that I had for the season and the training plan she was going to develop for me. If you meet Jen, over the phone or in person, you will notice one thing right away - that she is an amazing encourager. I trained under the guidance of Jen for six months and I learned a TON. She showed me the training errors that I committed in prior training cycles and pushed me far beyond what I “thought” was my capability as a runner. I was finally back to running four days a week consistently while remaining healthy. Her workouts gave me purpose – I was not drudging out mile after mile doing the same thing over and over. I found that I was looking forward to getting out bed to run in the morning. This past year’s training cycle was my most successful. I PR-ed my marathon and absolutely loved the entire process that got me to race day. Both I attribute to Jen’s program and her encouragement. I was sad when the season over and found myself looking for races to train for so that I could do it all over again. Jen is one of a kind and I hope to work with her again soon. I would also recommend her to anyone looking for a coach – no matter the distance or the goal. You will not be disappointed!
— Liza I.