I coach anyone who has a strong desire to achieve their running goals and who doesn’t shy away from a little effort. I coach athletes who make me smile, who inspire and excite me, who challenge me to be the very best coach in every interaction we have. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never run a step or if you’ve just completed your 50th marathon — I will help you reach your goals.


I coach because cookie-cutter plans don’t take into account an athlete’s history, personality, and day-to-day life schedule — and let’s face it: real life doesn’t always fit in a neat little training plan. I know we can do better. I work with athletes to develop a schedule that works seamlessly with your life and schedule commitments, while creating workouts that challenge and motivate you. As a bonus, working with runners of all ages and abilities brings me a tremendous amount of happiness, and I want to give back to the running community that has given me so much.

How you can work with me:

I accept new clients on a limited basis. I keep my client list small so that I can provide attentive, scrupulous service to each of my athletes. If this page resonated with you, check out my training plans in the links at left, or fill out the “Get Started” form here and I'll be in touch to chat.

Together we can work together to develop the amazing athlete you have the ability to become.